The characteristics of cotton knitting yarn and wool knitting yarn

- May 18, 2017 -

Cotton knitting yarn:

 wet, comfortable, easy to dye, easy to shrink. Alkali-resistant acid, a cotton fabric that is treated by caustic soda. Cotton fiber is more heat-resistant, but should not be handled at least 100 degrees, such as ironing temperature is about 190 degrees, cotton fabric is best to be wet when ironing, it is good to iron flat. Cotton fiber softness, weak sex, cotton fabric feels good, wear comfortable, washable, but easy to wrinkle, suitable for all seasons of clothing and bedding

hat-yarn-(1).JPGWoollen knitting yarn:
Wool, often referred to as wool, is the most commonly used wool for textile use. The wool fibers are thicker than cotton fibers, and they have a certain curl, and they have a layer of scales covering them. Due to the presence of the scales, the wool brings a special property, namely the velveteen sex. Fleece is the property of the wool in warm water and washing liquid. It is one of the causes of the shrinkage of the hair products in life, and the density of the densities.

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