the characteristics, color, composition and packaging knowledge of 100 pure wool yarn

- Mar 03, 2018 -

100 pure wool yarn has the characteristics of soft, elastic, shiny and good hygroscopicity. It wears more comfortable, feel better, at the same time, its breathability and its own thermal performance is better.

    Due to the moisture absorption and exothermicity of the fiber, the human body can not detect abrupt changes in temperature even from a warm and dry interior to a more humid and cold outdoor area, playing an important role in retarding temperature changes.

    After that, when it comes to the color of 100 pure wool yarn, it will be dyed according to the different requirements of the client. For example, when the customer provides the color organizer, it can be customized for different kinds of colors;  The main proportions of 100 pure wool yarn are cashmere, wool and other mixed blends, silk wool, silk cashmere or other proportions of the blend. At the same time it must also be based on the specific requirements of customers.

   When it comes to 100 pure wool yarn packaging, which means conventional packaging, refers to the inner packaging + packaging, the specific packaging requirements can also be based on customer needs. the fineness of 100 pure wool yarn is also wool fiber important process characteristic which used to determine the quality and value, with the diameter of the fiber micro or quality count said; The smaller the fineness is, the higher the count is,and the thinner the spun yarns will appear.

   The length of  100 pure wool yarn product includes the natural length and the straight length, the former means the linear distance between the ends of the tuft, and the latter is also the length that would be obtained by straightening the fiber. Elongation of fine wool is also bound to be at 20% or more, semi-fine wool is about 10 to 20%. As long as the fineness is the same, the longer the wool and the higher the spinning performance, the better the quality of the finished  100 pure wool yarn.

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