The brief introduction to related knowledge of the chunky knit yarns

- Nov 24, 2017 -

I believe that everyone is very familiar with the yarn. Especially now is in a relatively cold season, many friends have put on various sweaters. The so-called wool, in fact, refers to the yarn which is made of  the wool, and also refers to the yarns which are made of different kinds of chemical fiber materials. One of the more coarse wool is called the coarse wool, which is often used for knitting sweaters, scarves and other warm items.

Analyzing from the composition aspect, it is different from the general yarn, the linear density of this kind of  chunky knit yarns is about four hundred tex, usually is four plies, the density of each ply is about 100 tex. If it is pure wool yarn, then the price is more expensive. This kind of yarn is thicker, strong, and good at handle. Therefore, it is often used to make all kinds of warm clothing in autumn and winter, the knitted sweater is not only thick, but also its warm effect is very good.


So, do you know what are the processing procedures of this kind of chunky knit yarns? On the whole, the main processing procedures are: wool top, sliver mixing, gilling, roving, spun yarn, doubling and reeling silk, and then carry out quality inspection, package the finished product after determining qualified. In the packaging, in order to prevent yarn injuring, ensure that the outer package is complete and firm.

It is because of the good effect of thermal protection of the coarse yarn, in addition to the knitted sweaters, gloves and scarf, the coarse yarn also can be used to make various types of hats, or can also be used as decorations. When judging its quality, an important index is the count of wool.

This index is actually a unit of the fineness of the yarn in the coarse yarn. Because of the different unit system used at present, it is usually divided into two kinds: the metric count and the English count.

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