Textile industry enters the new stage of transnational layout

- Apr 11, 2017 -

2014, China shifted from capital-importing countries to capital exporters, "along the way," and other national strategies to enter into the implementation phase, as early in-depth participation in the international market of the textile and apparel industry, "go out," globalization, "" transnational resources allocation "and so on the industry in the new normal transformation and upgrading of the hot vocabulary. How to better encourage and guide the conditional enterprises through efficient and reasonable transnational resources allocation, to enhance their position in the world value chain, finally realize the goal of the textile power, is the Chinese Textile Industry Federation in the textile industry "Thirteen-Five" planning a focus on one of the issues.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, Assistant president of the China Textile Industry Federation, China International Ccpit Textile Industry Branch, deputy President Xu Yingxin told reporters, China's textile industry has entered a new stage of transnational layout, the industries need to adopt positive and secure "going out", to create transnational supply chain, to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage, at the same time through the brand, technology, market channel outward expansion or cooperation in the global industrial value chain to promote the position. This year, the market will take the special investment lecture, overseas market research, round-table forum and other forms to provide more detailed and in-depth services to the industry, to help enterprises go farther and better.


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