Specifications and types of blanket yarn for room sofa

- Jan 22, 2018 -

1. Common specifications of blanket yarn for room sofa

Superfine yarn: Its main feature is light and soft, therefore, can be used in infants and young children.

Very fine wool: in the rough, is equal to two extra fine wool, is characterized by lightness, and the color change.

In the fine wool: is commonly used in wool varieties, can be used in infants and young children, women and men, with the yarn pointed out the pattern is very detailed and elegant.

Medium wool: Can be used to knit cold blankets, neither too thin nor too thick in thickness.

chuck thick yarn: Mainly used to create a warm blanket.


2. Common types of blanket yarn for room sofa

Rough wool: Strand density, is about 400 special, usually 4 shares, each density of about 100 special or so. This kind of wool yarns is thick, strong and feel good.

Fine wool: its strand density of about 167-398 special, generally four shares. It is woven into the blanket, soft and beautiful color, mainly in the spring and autumn seasons.

Knitting yarn: generally two single yarn plying shares, mainly used in machine weaving.


3. blanket yarn for room sofa performance indicators

The performance index of the yarn for wool blanket, specifically speaking, is the count, wool yarn twisting and wool yarn and wool yarn tensile strength of these three. Among them, woolen yarn twisting, which refers to the number of twists per unit length back. Also, the concept of "twist factor" is used. In units, is the number of twists / m


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