Sock Knitting Yarns combing and other processes processing content

- Mar 12, 2018 -

In the production of socks knitting yarn, it needs to go through a number of processing operations, including combing, combing, drafting, twisting and winding. The main function of carding is to further loosen the fibers of the sock knitted wool fibers and small bundles into a single state through a large number of intensive combing needles on the carding machine, thereby further improving the release of the fibers.

After this treatment, the transverse relationship between the knitted yarns of the socks can be basically eliminated, and the cleaning and mixing can be more fully achieved. However, there are still a large number of fibers in a curved shape with hooks, and there is still a certain transverse relationship between each fiber.

Therefore, combing of sock knitting yarns is also required. This process mainly refers to the more detailed combing using the two ends of the comb to hold the fiber. Moreover, the combing process can eliminate short fibers and fine miscellaneous materials below a certain length, and promote the fibers to be more parallel and straight.

After completing the above processing procedures, it is necessary to draft the sock knitting yarn, that is, after the carded sliver is attenuated to a predetermined thickness, this process is called drafting. It lays the foundation for the establishment of a regular tie between the fibers.

It should be noted that the drafting device and process parameters should be strictly controlled during this process. Then, the sock knitted yarn is twisted, that is, the beard is twisted about its own axis, so that the fibers parallel to the axial direction of the sliver are spiraled, so that radial pressure is generated so that the longitudinal connection between the fibers is fixed. .

Finally, the finished product or semi-finished product of the wound sock knitting yarn is wound into a certain form for storage, transportation and processing of the next process. It is important to remember that the winding process should be carried out continuously without affecting the yield and quality of socks knitted yarn.

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