Rough control of the temperature and relative humidity in the roving process

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Most of the fabrics are made through the textile process, which will go through a number of processes, chunky knit yarns is one of them, it can be processed into different pieces of different threads and different twist roving to meet the requirements for the use of spun yarn The So in the process, the impact of environmental temperature and humidity how much?

In the chunky yarn process, if the ambient temperature is constant, and the relative humidity has increased, then the moisture absorption and moisture regain will increase; the contrary, when the relative humidity decreases, the moisture absorption and moisture regain will be reduced , Which is also the formation of roving.

Chunky yarn process if the relative humidity is too high, the fiber will absorb a lot of water, making it easy to occur around the roller phenomenon, and lead to fly easily attached to the roller and roller surface, affecting the roving tension, causing broken head and other undesirable phenomena.

And the relative humidity is too low, it can not guarantee that the roving process in the normal moisture, to promote the fiber in the course of movement of static electricity, and this static generation is difficult to eliminate after the resulting, and then the draft and the stem caused adverse effects, Making roving loose, broken more, poor fiber holding capacity.


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In the premise of keeping the relative humidity, the temperature changes will also affect the roving process, if the temperature is below 18 degrees, then the cotton fiber surface wax will harden, reduce its plasticity, making the fiber fragile, low strength.

And when the temperature is maintained at 24-26 degrees, the cotton wax will become soft and hard appropriate, making the raw cotton is more easily broken down into a single, conducive to roving open, impurity and draft. But the temperature can not exceed this range, otherwise there will be bad phenomena presented.

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