Room wool blanket yarn of raw materials and dyeing methods

- Jan 06, 2018 -

Raw material ratio of Room wool blanket yarn is quite complicated. And a large part of them use colored blended yarn. As for the processing method, it is necessary to use the wool system, so the processing of the semi-worsted system and the woolen system is also one of the future trends.


Of course, we should not blindly pursue low prices when purchasing Room wool blanket yarn. But to ensure the quality of the basis of the higher cost-effective products. So when doing dyeing, do you know which methods to include?

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When dyeing Room wool blanket yarn, it can be done at any stage. That is, the dyeing can be done at different stages of the fiber, yarn and fabric. Overall, the main can be divided into two categories, one is the liquid dye, also called "liquid dye", the other is white dye.


In fact, refers to the liquid dye the carpet raw materials in the room during the extrusion process will be made of fiber and dye yarn, so that will be the same color yarn inside and outside. In contrast, the yarn obtained by this method is not only good dyeing effect, but also has good fastness, washable, anti-friction.


Another way is to make the Room wool blanket yarn according to the technical requirements and then dye the fabric. This method of processing costs higher, but its advantages lie in fast delivery, but also easier to adapt to changes in fashion colors, but also to meet the needs of small quantities and more varieties.

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