Quality analysis of linen yarn dyeing process

- Jul 28, 2017 -

At present, there are still a lot of problems in the dyeing process of linen yarn, for example, color difference is easy to occur in dyeing process, and the color light needs to be further improved. In addition, there are still some problems in the process of linen yarn dyeing, such as the full washing before dyeing and dyeing, and the difficult cleaning of the equipment.

Generally speaking, if we want to achieve better dyeing effect, we must take some measures to solve the problem of chromatic and chromatic aberration. In some cases, flax yarn dyeing even has very serious chromatic aberration and chromatic aberration. Among them, the main performance of color difference is: dyeing, color difference, more defects, in the process of pretreatment, because of fabric damage, abrasions and other problems, so as to bring the color of the dyeing can not be eliminated, such as the impact of color.

But the chromatic light aspect question mainly displays in the linen yarn's shade to be dim, is not bright enough, especially between the batch color light, is difficult to achieve the identical completely. And after the adoption of the new process, this problem has improved a lot. Especially in the strict accordance with the process conditions for dyeing, color difference problems have been effectively controlled. Today is basically batch color difference, and rarely appear the same batch of color difference. At the same time, the brightness of light color has also been significantly improved.

In fact, the flax yarn dyeing is also a problem can not be ignored, that is because its yield is relatively low, so it is difficult to dyed. Through analysis, we found that this kind of situation has some relation with the pretreatment process of roving, scouring and roving bleaching.

Therefore, we can solve the problem in the process of pre-processing. For example, in the process of cooking and bleaching, we can raise the splitting degree of flax yarn, so that the fiber can be fully expanded, so the adsorption and diffusion time of the dye will be greatly shortened.

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