Polyester yarn

- Aug 18, 2017 -

Polyester yarn refers to the production of polyester used in cotton yarn, polyester is a class of polymers made by spinning fiber, the current refers to the production of ethylene phthalate as raw materials for the fiber, according to its raw material English name "polyethylene Terephthalate "abbreviation, referred to as" PET "fiber. In our country commonly known as polyester. The so-called "yarn", in fact, refers to the "yarn" and "line" collectively, in the clothing material science is defined as follows: "yarn" is a lot of short fibers or filaments arranged in an approximately parallel state, and along the axial Rotate twist to form an elongated object with a certain strength and a linear density; and "thread" is a twist formed by twisting two or more single yarns. Yarn is cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber, etc. will be stretched and twisted into the fiber twist spinning (usually used as raw materials for weaving), and then cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fine pieces of material into the multi-strand Fine line, called the line.


 cotton yarn

Yarn type

The different classification methods produce different names:

1) the use of different raw materials: pure cotton yarn, pure chemical fiber yarn, cotton blended yarn, wool blended yarn, shaped yarn.

2) spinning different methods: ring spinning yarn, air spinning yarn, electrospinning yarn and so on.

3) different spinning process: carding yarn, combed yarn, peach yarn and so on.

4) twist the different direction: hand twist (s twist) yarn, backhand twist (yarn z twist).

5) The use of different products: weaving yarn, knitting yarn, fleece yarn, rope with yarn, fishing net yarn, cord fabric with yarn.

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