Performance index of fancy yarn

- Jun 14, 2017 -

(1) count: the number of woolen yarn is expressed by metric number, big count, fine wool, small count and coarse wool.

Metric count, it is to point to 1kg wool how many kilometers, be how many yarn. Such as 1kg long wool, 18000m is 18Nm yarn.

(2) wool yarn, wool yarn and yarn twist twist: refers to the unit length twist number. Twist twist to twist, "S" and "Z" twist, twist twist generally refers to the number /m, the number of different twist wool yarn, is not the same, in order to facilitate the comparison of different yarn count and yarn twist, the concept of "twist".

"Twist" choice, generally more than wool blended yarn, blended yarn than chemical fiber yarn, short high content of low content is greater than the short, fine yarn than coarse yarn.

(3) the strength and elongation of wool and wool yarn:

Tensile strength of yarns and wool said strong. By breaking the yarn and wool yarn bearing again, break elongation length called elongation.

The strength of wool yarn and fabric for the fastness and the production efficiency are closely related, is the strong strength of fabric, yarn and wool so full strength is an important indicator of quality, because the strength directly affect the quality, requirements must be appropriate strength, too big to make yarn and wool relaxation strength reduced; tensile strength increased too small, and stiff wool yarn. Yarn and wool elongation and raw materials and processing level, and fiber arrangement will be different, the raw materials of good quality, and twisting fibers arranged neatly appropriate yarn wool strength is higher, the expansion performance is good.

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