New trend of development of textile industry

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Domestic West relocation or Southeast Asia building plant in textile enterprises

In recent years, China's labor costs have risen steadily, the advantages of low labor cost in Southeast Asia, coupled with tax and policy concessions imposed by the countries in the region, many textile and garment enterprises have flocked to Southeast Asia, to Southeast Asia investment has become a craze, especially for Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and other countries, investor interest is strong. 2017, Chinese textile enterprises are also adapting to the tide, integrating into the nuggets of Southeast Asia, including Tianhong Textiles, Hong Kong overflow group, red Bean Group, Lu Tai Textiles and other dozens of textile enterprises to the region to expand the plant. At the same time in the domestic economic developed areas of textile enterprises also in the deployment of Xinjiang and other central and western regions to build factories.

"Internet +" opens up new textile pattern

In the 2016 China Apparel Forum, Hangzhou Summit, "World Internet Godfather" Kevin Kelly predicted the future of Internet textiles, he had published "Runaway" a book for years, anticipating the trend of cloud computing, IoT, virtual reality, and so on, "when robots replace artificial appearance in the textile and garment industry, the future, fashion is not only the production of clothing so simple." "He has introduced the trend of Internet textiles in the next ten years and 20 years from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sharing, mobility, etc."

Science and technology innovation inject fresh blood into industry

Recently, the "machine substitution" upsurge, its starting point is to improve the production process automation and efficiency, to replace the traditional manual operation. The increase of labor cost in 2017 makes textile enterprises difficult to intensify, thus forming the boom.

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