New textile materials and advanced processing technology

- Apr 11, 2017 -

The development of multi fiber resources, chemical fiber, natural fiber, high-performance and new bio-chemical fiber, and the regeneration and recycling technology of fibers is the important foundation of China's textile industry modernization. The LL key technologies that are urgently needed to develop in this area include:

1, carbon fiber (CF), Aramid (AF), Aramid (SA), a new generation of ultra-high strength high modulus polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) industrialization of R & D for carbon fiber, aramid fiber, such as several kinds of urgent need to carry out industrialization development and application. To the domestic development of a certain basis of the aromatic sulfone LUN, should be invested in industrial development efforts, the formation of more than 1000 tons of industrial production line. In particular, the properties of high-performance, wide use of poly benzene and dioxins (PBO) and other fibers should be studied in advance. At the same time, we should deepen the research on the new generation of ultra-high strength high-film polyethylene, and realize the upgrading of the industries.

Second, the new polyester diversified technology varieties poly terephthalate, poly-sunflower glycol ester, polyester and other industrial research and development

Polyethylene terephthalate (PTT) is a large family of new varieties of polyester technology, it dyed good, elastic, crisp, dry, easy to process, strong pollution resistance, with polyester, nylon and some spandex fiber characteristics, not only for fabrics, carpets, nonwovens, etc., can also be used in film, plastics and other new resin materials, the development of a broad prospects; poly (b) polyethylene glycol ester (pen) Transparency, barrier performance, conducive to polyester in beer bottles and other high-performance non-fiber field expansion; Copolyester () C0-PET is mainly used for the production of island fibers, is the priority of the modified pet in the development of the key varieties.

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