Mohair knitting yarn excellent features

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Mohair knitting yarn is very good raw materials, raw materials taken from the body of the Angora goats, Angora. Therefore, the performance of the mohair wool knitting yarn is also very good, with good flexibility, pressure, and has a special luster.

 In contrast, the mohair knitting yarn raw materials - mohair appearance and long wool is relatively close. The fiber surface is smooth, high strength, good flexibility and less curly, easy to clean, but also has a natural shiny color, silk-like luster, not easy to shrink, hard felt shrink.

 Not only that, Mohair knit yarn also has strong wear resistance and dust pollution performance. In practical applications is not easy to pilling, and has better dyeing properties. This is because the affinity of their raw materials for the dye is good, so the finished product colors are generally very bright.

 Although the appearance of Mohair knit yarn and contton yarn are similar, but there are still many differences. This kind of wool has few and flat scales close to the hair shaft, rarely overlap, with a bamboo-like appearance, so the surface is not only smooth, with good gloss, but also has flash characteristics.

 Mohair knitting yarn not only feel very soft, but also has a higher fastness, more durable, you can use for a long time. Felt during use, not pilling, easy to clean after contamination. In contrast, the appearance of this yarn is very beautiful, coupled with high-grade feel and unique natural luster, so it is unique in textile fibers.

 Mohair knit yarn finished dyed color translucent, and the color is very soft, looks more natural and comfortable, is unmatched by other textile fibers.

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