Material selection and discrimination method of spring and summer yarns

- Jan 29, 2018 -

spring and summer yarns in the production process of the cotton material, the cotton in the combustion process can have a taste of burn, usually the flame of orange, blue smoke, yarn shrinkage not melting, leave the fire, still can continue to burn, a small gray powder, powder soft, hand gently to touch fans.

spring and summer yarns using the wool fiber, in the process of processing need to be close to the fire, its wool line could crimp immediately, slowly dissolve, blaze orange, there is a burning hair smoke, luster of amorphous particles hin color piece, pine and brittle and coarser, hand grinding crushed immediately.

Spring and summer yarn is made of polyester fiber. In the process of separation, it needs to be close to the flame before melting and melting, smoke and slow combustion.The flame is yellow and white, and continues to burn as it leaves the flame, sometimes self-extinguishing, odour, special aromatic sweetness, residue features, hard black beads.

Spring and summer wool acrylic fiber, in the process of identification close to flame: melting;Contact flame: melting, smoking;Leave the flame: continue to burn, smoke black smoke;Smell: spicy;Residue features: black irregular beads, fragile.

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