Main Features of Acrylic Knitting Yarn

- Feb 07, 2018 -

In the production of acrylic knitting yarn when the general is based on staple fiber, pure or blended with wool and other fibers made of fiber processing. So, the main characteristics of acrylic knitted wool What is it? Here we have a brief introduction on the content in this area, hoping to deepen our understanding.


From the appearance of appearance, acrylic knitted yarn may have some longitudinal grooves, as the cross-section will vary due to different spinning methods. Under normal conditions of acrylic knitting yarn, dry spinning fiber cross section was dumbbell-shaped, wet spinning is round.


Under normal conditions, the strength of acrylic knit yarns is in the range of 17.6 to 30.8 cN / tex and the elongation at break is between 25% and 46%. Its main features are fluffy, curly and soft, better elasticity. However, after the frequent stretching will have a greater deformation.


Due to the structure of acrylic knitting yarn is relatively close, it is generally not suitable for absorbing water. Under normal atmospheric conditions, its regain is about 2%. In addition, at the moment of dyeing, cationic dyes can be used to dye into a variety of bright luster.


acrylic knitted yarn lightfastness is excellent, but also has strong weatherability, belonging to the most common performance of textile fibers in this area. Therefore, even if this yarn is placed in outdoor exposure for one year, the strong decline is not obvious, should be used as outdoor fabric.


In addition, compared to the chemical properties of acrylic knitted yarn is also very stable, with acid and alkali resistance and other advantages. Acrylic knitted wool at the same time good heat resistance, not moldy, not afraid of moth-eaten, the relative density of smaller.

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