Linen knitting yarn by the sought after six secret

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Do you know? In fact, linen knitting yarn as early as the beginning of the 16th century is very popular, then you know why so many people like linen knitting yarn? Here we come together to find the secret of it!

In many textile products, linen knitting yarn can be regarded as a very strong raw materials, and because of its fiber has a high strength, so in use is difficult to be torn or punctured, and even can Bear the color knife at random above the scraping, pressure. It is because of this feature, so there are many users are more inclined to choose this material, which is also sought after by the first secret.

The second secret is that this linen knitted yarn also has excellent coloring properties. In other words, this time ah it is easier to color, which is mainly due to the use of the product is latitude and longitude woven woven, very dense.

Thirdly, it is because linen knitting yarns have such a special structure, so from the surface, it has a very vivid texture, rather than other chemical fiber and cotton class has a smooth characteristics. For this reason, in the sixteenth century, there were often artists who used this material to create a subtle and interesting painting.


                                                         WOOL BLANKET YARN

In addition, the fourth secret of linen knitting yarns is that the raw material is the same as flaxseed oil, all of which are derived from the same plant, so both have the same chemical properties and can support each other.

The fifth point, linen knitting yarn can be processed into different thickness, different thickness, different texture of a variety of specifications products. Sixth, linen knitted yarn in the preservation and repair also has excellent performance, because of its relatively strong fiber structure, it can save a long time.

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