Knitting Acrylic Yarns performance and production characteristics

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Knitting acrylic yarns are a kind of yarn made of acrylic as the main material. As a kind of synthetic wool, most of its internal structure is unique, with an irregular spiral conformation, and there is no strict crystalline zone but high Arrange the order and the low order, so the performance of knitted acrylic yarn is different.
Unique structure makes knitted acrylic yarn has a very good thermal elasticity, like wool, 20% elongation can still maintain 65% rebound rate; and its density is small, fluffy and soft fabric woven with it Warmth is much better than wool.
Second, the strength of knitting acrylic yarns reached 22.1 ~ 48.5cN / dtex, 1 ~ 2.5 times higher than the wool; at the same time in terms of resistance to sunlight and weathering excellent performance, exposure to sunlight for one year, its intensity is only decreased by about 20%; Not only that, it also acid, oxidation and general organic solvents.
In general, knitting acrylic yarns has the advantages of soft, bulky, easy to dye, bright color, light resistance, antibacterial, insensitive to insects, etc. According to the requirements of different applications, pure or blended with natural fibers, the textiles are widely For different areas.
In addition, knitted acrylic yarn can also be blended with wool, but also with cotton, synthetic fibers, blended with other synthetic fibers to get a variety of medium-sized cashmere and fine yarn, and woven into a variety of clothing and interior products, product quality Excellent.

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