Knit Acrylic Yarn and polyester which will be better?

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Acrylic knitted yarn and polyester also have different characteristics as clothing fabrics, so it cannot be said which one is better or worse, but their focus is different. If it is shrinkage and sensitization, of course, acrylic knitting yarn is good, but if it is strong and anti-wear, it is better than polyester; if the price theory, acrylic knitting yarn is more expensive.


Knit Acrylic Yarn is a synthetic fiber material obtained by wet spinning or dry spinning using a copolymer of 85% or more of acrylonitrile and a second and a third monomer. It needs to be polymerized, spun, and preheated. , steam drafting, washing, drying, heat setting, curling, cutting, packing, etc. can be formed after a series of processes.


The performance of acrylic knitting yarn is very similar to that of wool. For example, good elasticity, when the elongation is 20%, the resilience rate can still maintain 65%, the fluffy curl and soft; excellent warmth retention; super high strength, excellent light resistance, So it can be used to make curtains, curtains, tarpaulins, gunners and so on.


In addition to clothing, acrylic knitted yarns can also be blended with wool into yarn, or woven into blankets, carpets, etc., and can also be blended with cotton, man-made fibers, and other synthetic fibers, woven into a variety of clothing and interior products to meet different uses demand.


The use of polyester is very wide. It is widely used in the manufacture of clothing fabrics and industrial products. It has excellent shape-setting properties. After being shaped, it is flat, fluffy, or pleated. It can still be used after being washed many times. Enduring the same.

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