Introduction to the characteristics of wool chunk yarn

- Nov 04, 2017 -

Refer to wool chunk yarn, and I'm sure everyone will realize that this material has good softness. In comparison, the wool yarn is easy to bend, and its fibers are interlocked to form a mass, so that it can achieve a better thermal insulation effect when used. Usually, our usual wool is white, and we can dye it to get the color we need.
But in real life, we can also see that some of the wool is naturally black, brown and so on. The wool roving line has a good absorbent, and it can even absorb about a third of its weight. Because of this, the wool product is not easy to burn, has certain flame retardant effect. And its fibers are soft and elastic and can be made into different textiles.

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 man wool and cotton hat yarn

At present, different methods can be used to test the twist of wool roving thread, such as direct counting method, or twist and twist method. In some cases, the density index needs to be tested, mainly based on the length and quality of the sample. Due to its strong strength and fastness and production efficiency, it is considered as an important indicator of quality in actual work.
Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of wool yarn, we must ensure that its strength is in the proper range. Otherwise, it may affect the use effect. For example, if a strong stretch is passed, it may cause the yarn to relax and drop, while too small may result in stiffness.

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