Introduction of yarn twist

- Jul 13, 2017 -

Yarn twist refers to the yarn has a certain strength, elasticity, elongation, gloss, feel and other physical and mechanical properties, must be reversed to change the cotton yarn, fiber structure to achieve yarn twist, in fact, the use of cotton yarn cross- Of the straight parallel fibers and yarn axis tilt to change the yarn structure, twisting process of the twisting process gradually shrink from the width of both sides, and gradually folded into the center of the yarn to form a twisted triangle, in the twisted triangle, The width and cross section of the sliver changes from the flat belt and gradually becomes a cylindrical yarn.


⑴. Rotation Definition: The rotation of the yarn about its axis by 360 degrees is a twist.

⑵. Twist the definition: the yarn in the twist before the length of the specified number of twist, the Turkish system for the 10cm units; meters to 100 million units; inches to 1 inch as a unit

⑶. Twist factor definition: twist yarn measurement, and the twist angle is proportional to the different line density yarn twist characterization

⑷. Distortion Definition: When the yarn is in the vertical position, the composition of the yarn unit is formed by the inclination direction around the axis of rotation of the helix.

⑸. S twist definition: the yarn is tilted in the fiber direction with the middle letter S. In the correct direction or clockwise twist the yarn.

⑹. Z twist definition: the yarn in the fiber direction of tilt, and Z in the middle of the same, for the left hand or counterclockwise twist yarn.

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