How to select the sock knitting yarn?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

We have summarized some issues when purchasing the sock knitting yarn, hoping to help you. Typically, it mainly can be identified from the following points:
The first aspect is that, in the purchasing process, we should understand that the yarn eveness of high quality sock knitting yarn is relatively plump and uniform, while also particularly round, twist is also more appropriate. In general, the sock knitting yarn which is not loose or tight and is soft belongs to the high quality products.
The second aspect is that, in the selection of sock knitting yarn, we hope that we can distinguish from the color. In other words, the high quality knitting yarn, its color head is more positive, and the gloss is good, there is no obvious color spots and color difference. Therefore, the quality of the knitting yarn with positive color head, good luster, consistent color, and without color spots and color difference is better.


The third aspect is that, it is recommended that you should pay special attention to the joint of sock knitting yarn in the selection. In general, single-yarn joints are allowed in production, but must not exceed the prescribed standards. In general, the quality of the sock knitting yarn with less joint is good. And the sock knitting yarn should not have adhesion and tapestry.
The last aspect is that the quality can be identified according to its weight. This is because if the quality is not good, then the quality of the sock knitting yarn may not meet the standard, while the sock knitting yarn with enough weight is more reliable.

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