How to handle the NEPs on the yarn?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. Method of excluding NEPs

Through the elimination of cotton and the carding of loose cotton knot, open and cotton, carding car belly fall cotton and cover plate flowers, combed cotton is the main area excluding cotton knot; carding function can effectively eliminate the fiber entanglement, reduce cotton knot; Through the meticulous carding of the cylinder and cover plate, some loose cotton knot comb is a single fiber, big cotton knot decomposition into single fiber or small cotton knot, at the same time, the short velvet also increased.

2. Measures to reduce neps

The "disorderly" fiber through the open loose, carding, lead to the orderly order of the single fiber strip, the continuous removal of cotton knot will gradually produce, the production of cotton knot is inevitable, but should minimize the production of cotton knot and the removal of the cotton knot. The reasons for forming cotton knot are manifold, should be considered systematically, so that the spinning components, equipment, good condition is the foundation, reasonable disposition process parameters are guaranteed, good mechanical state and reasonable process design can significantly reduce yarn neps.

Carding process to comb the fiber bundle into single fiber, there will be a lot of new cotton knot; the delicate comb of the cylinder-cover plate can also comb loose cotton knot into small cotton knot or single fiber; therefore, comb cotton is the key process to produce, exclude and comb the cotton knot. Because the cotton knot and impurities in the strip directly affect the yarn knot and fabric defects, and the movement of fibers in the process of drafting, coarse and fine. For the normal movement of the wire ring in spinning twisting winding, the strip is not blend yarn defects, so it is necessary to control and reduce the knot, the number of miscellaneous grains in the strip, and improve the quality of carding is an effective way to reduce the neps.

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