How to distinguish the knitting and crochet

- Sep 06, 2017 -

1、Knitting coat
Because knitted garment fabrics have very good flexibility, make knit garment more suitable as casual outfit and sportswear
Wearing. By use, knitwear can be divided into the following categories.
Knit sportswear: sportswear is the traditional field of knitted garments, which occupies an important position in the market of knitted garments. Knitted sportswear is different according to different seasons, sports and taking situations. There are many kinds of knitted sportswear, rich in style.
(2) daily use casual dress: as people tend to dress more and more comfortable, XiuXianHua, XiuXianHua dress has become a trend in clothing development, and knitted casual wear is becoming a main product in this field. Such as t-shirts, travel casual clothes, student clothes and casual clothes.
The knitting social dress: using the characteristics of knitted fabrics, such as the elasticity of knitted fabrics and the overhanging nature, make all kinds of social dress, which has the effect of elegance and luxury.
There are also many ways to classify knitted clothes. If the mode of production can be divided into: molding knitted garment and non-forming knitted garment; According to the classification of the raw materials of knitted garments, there are pure cotton knitwear, pure wool knitted garment, fibre knitted garment, silk knitted garment, blended knitting garment, cashmere knitwear, etc. It can be divided into men's knitting clothes, women's knitting clothes and children's knitted garments.
Knitted fabrics and knitted fabrics (woven) difference is: knitting fabric (usually cotton) permeability is very good, good drapability, as in the structure design, good scalability, but it doesn't fit to do too many line of clothing.
One, knitted fabric (weft knitted fabric and warp knitted fabric).
(a) weft knitted fabric is made up of a continuous coil of yarn, which forms a line of rows in the direction of one
The landscape is filled with the whole fabric, and each row of adjacent coils is in series to form the mesh. These fabrics have a better structure
Loose, there is a certain gap, easier to stretch in all directions; When a yarn is broken, it often produces a "spinning" phenomenon.
(2) warp knitted fabric is made up of a few warp threads that move along the longitudinal direction (ie, along the length of the fabric)
The coils are alternating between the right and left rows of coils. The coils of the warp knitted fabric usually look transverse to the fabric
. Some warp knitted fabrics, whose warp threads are divided into two groups, move diagonally back and forth between the fabric in the opposite direction.
These fabrics do not have a "spinning" phenomenon. If you cut a small square of fabric on a warp knitted fabric, any of it
The yarn can't be pulled out easily; From this sample, the yarn can be pulled out from the warp direction
The direction of the right Angle.
The warp knitted fabric also includes:
1. Sew fabric, but this product must be made of textile yarn to form a chain coil.
The machine used in stitching is similar to the warp knitting machine, through the pointed end of the slit guide (sliding needle).
Work with heald. These guide crochet can be in the textile fiber net, the yarn layer (one or more layers) or the bottom cloth (for example,
A layer of woven fabric or plastic sheet used for yarn winding structure. In some cases, the coil structure can be formed
Hall of fame: celebrities bring you to feel their driving life. Jack ma ren zhiqiang li liuzhi shi yuzhu or sewn the head (whether cut or not)
. The quilted bedclothes are excluded.
Woven woven fabric, whose warp threads consist of a series of hook coils that can locate and sometimes form a pattern.
The fabric organization of the above mentioned above (1) and (2) may be simple or complex; In some cases,
This product produces a similar lacing effect, but still belongs to this tax code. It can generally pass through its specific circle distance (especially in the case of)
The tight part is distinguished from the lace.
2. Crochet fabric, which hooks a continuous long line through a crochet hook into a series of coils. The coil is worn with the coil.
A plain fabric or decorative fabric with a tight or perforated structure, according to the different formation of the coil.
Certain perforated fabrics are made up of a series of coils of square, hexagonal or other decorative patterns.

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