How to distinguish the chunky wool yarns

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Different types of the chunky wool yarns performance, price, color, they also have their own strengths, because consumers also pay attention to carefully choose according to their needs.


When choosing the thick wool yarn, we actually pay attention to choosing the trademark and the line number. Should pay attention to the selection of credible and reliable high-quality brand-name products, and for the whole plush line in terms of otherwise it will be 272,273,274,275 for the best, on its heroic brand S274A all high-grade coarse wool and so on.


Again, when choosing thick wool, pay attention to look at the appearance. Not only to dry round or straight, the surface is to pay attention to have a certain plush, followed by that is to ensure that the fluffy and smooth, plush can not be more, but should not have a "hand in hand" feeling. Single-ply yarn and the thickness of the joint line is to pay attention to maintain uniform, twist tight appropriate twist twisting is also very clear.

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High-quality coarse wool which should not be sticky, fleece or multi-strand stocks, stock and its elastic yarn, belly yarn and small yarn and other related defects, and for its high-quality knitted wool which is to be careful not to be Is to have the macular, white spots or stains, rust stains and messy lines and other defects. Fleece in terms of color is to be aware of the need to be bright and uniform, the color is to pay attention to be gentle and pleasing to the eye, do not have obvious color or the bottom of the blooming defects.


Finally, the choice of the chunky wool yarn, it is necessary to pay attention to a closer look at it itself is not there will be moth-eaten, if the entire plush thread is not properly stored, there is a word that there will be worms Phenomenon, in this case, that is, there will be a situation affecting the quality of wool, we should pay special attention to the choice of coarse wool.

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