How to distinguish synthetic fiber?

- Jun 03, 2017 -

Identification of synthetic fibers by combustion:
(1): first light fiber polyester shrinkage, burning melting, and then burning, the flame of white, very bright, smokeless. The fire is difficult, after burning aromatic ashes were black lumps, with broken finger.
(2):Acrylic fibres
Pan lit can spread, but slow burning melting, with bitter taste, after burning ashes a black ball, can be crushed.


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(3) vinylon fiber when combustion contraction, simultaneously burning melting, but not burning, black smoke, burning left after the black pieces can be crushed.
(4) such as: flame light, shrink and smoke, have a special smell, left, brown.
(5) PP: when burning slow contraction, no flame, wax smell, burning a wax lump;
(6): nylon without burning flame; celery flavor, burning white curling into jelly, hot ropy, cold has become a tough Brown hard sphere, not easy to crush
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