How to distinguish knitted yarn and woven yarn?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

How to distinguish knitting yarn and woven yarn from commercial purchasing behavior? This is a problem often encountered during the purchasing of weaving factories.

First of all, we want to make clear, woven yarn or some called Shuttle weaving yarn (because there was a shuttle loom in the past is too long, so now there is also called woven yarn habits) characteristics of what?

1. Woven yarn (now most of the shaft loom or air-jet loom) refers to the processing of woven fabrics used yarn, divided into two kinds of warp and weft. Warp yarn is used as the longitudinal yarns of fabrics, in order to weave the process in guaranteeing the quality of cloth, improve production efficiency, demand must be high, wear resistance. The weft yarn is used as a transverse fabric, which can satisfy the characteristics of soft quality.

2. Knitting yarn used for knitted fabrics. Fabric requires smooth, soft feel. The yarn quality requirement is better. According to experience in the procurement process, the detection of a major indicator for reference, is the yarn twist. Woven warp, twist coefficient generally around 400. Woven weft and knitted yarn, the twist coefficient is generally around 350. Twist = Twist coefficient/√ count.


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