How to choose sirdar baby yarns and its processing

- Mar 17, 2018 -

Because the child's skin is relatively tender, not all of the yarns are suitable for children. Usually, cotton yarn, cashmere, wool cashmere and the like can be used as children's wool, but they must be pure natural fibers. Do not contain chemical fiber, like wool blended yarn It contains acrylic fiber, which acts as a static electricity, picks up the ball, and is not good for children's skin.


If it is close-fitting clothing, try to use children's cotton yarn or pure cotton yarn, do not contain hair, it is easy to have small dander into the nose by the baby. For example, some superfine children's yarns are light and soft, and are most suitable for knitting infants and young children's sweaters.


At the same time, we must pay attention to the selection of good quality children's yarn brand, in order to ensure that there is no formaldehyde and so on is in line with national standards; lead digging also has to choose the color, lighter than natural, better, because the hazards such as stains are also very big.


However, the processing of sirdar baby yarns and other yarns is the same. The first is impurity removal, which is the initial processing of raw materials; and then the processing of disorganized, transversely-closed fibers is processed into a longitudinal sequence, and there are certain requirements for smooth yarns. It is necessary to change the bulk fiber into a single fiber state, release the lateral connection of the fiber raw material, and establish a firm vertical connection between the end and the tail.


Next is the opening. The large pieces of fiber are torn into small pieces and bundles of small fibers. The removal of impurities and impurities is not accomplished once, but is achieved gradually through the rational configuration of actions such as tearing, striking, and splitting. Then, after a series of processes such as carding, combing, drafting, twisting, and winding, the children's yarns are processed and formed.

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