How to choose crochet hook

- Jun 13, 2017 -

1., the quality of the appearance of the needle first carefully observe whether the needle is bright and clean, thin and slippery, but not too sharp, so as not to hook the knitting branch. In addition, crochet hook curved depth should be appropriate, too deep will make the hook of the yarn is not easy to decouple, too shallow, wool is not easy to hook.

2., according to the knitting needle to choose a needle, you'd better take a piece of knitting wool which you want to crochet, in order to choose a crochet hook with the same thickness as a knitting needle. If the crochet head is slightly thicker than the wool, you can do it.

3., according to the hook pattern, choose crochet hook, generally speaking, hook weave more loose patterns, you can choose to use thicker than wool Crochet hook. The more closely knit patterns are, the finer the knitting needle is.

4., according to individual hook weaving techniques and the degree of force to choose a crochet hook, if it is customary hook loose, you can choose a little bit of crochet hook, and used to hook tight, you can choose thicker Crochet hook.

In addition, before the new crochet hook is used, it is better to rub it several times with a dry cloth so that the crochet hook is smooth.

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