Hand knitting yarn quality inspection item

- Mar 27, 2018 -

Hand knitting yarns is usually made of two single yarn.Generally speaking,the sweaters made of hand knitting wool yarn are light, clean, soft and slippery.


Key points of hand knitting wool quality inspection:


The first is to inspect the raw materials of hand knitting yarns, usually using fire and instrumentation methods to check to ensure that the order requirements are met;


Secondly, the specifications of knitted knitting yarns are checked to ensure that the orders are in accordance with the order requirements.Then check the weight of the wool,which usually requires that the average weight not be less than 1% of the required weight, and the error between the individuals is kept at 3%.Weighing methods can be used for inspection.


Third, it also needs to be tested according to its staining conditions. Mainly to check whether the color of the hand knitting yarn is pure, the gloss is good, there is no color flower and color difference and stain, there is no counterstain, the cylinder difference is obvious, the color fastness (dry color fastness, wet color fastness Degree) indicator is not less than 3; and there is no dirt, oil pollution.


Fourth, it mainly tests the moisture regain of hand knitting yarns. In order to confirm whether it is damp or may cause mildew. Usually, the moisture regain of acrylic should be about 2%; the regain of polyester should be about 0.4% to 0.5%. It can be detected by feel and instrument.


The fifth inspection item is mainly to examine the stemness and twist of hand-knitted knitting yarns. Under normal circumstances, the bars should be plump, smooth, and soft; the bars should be uniform in thickness; and there should be no significant knots, <= 2/100 meters; the twists between single strands should be the same and the twists should be the same. The twist of the hand-knitted yarn should be kept tight and elastic, and there should be no shortage or over-tightness of the hand-knitted yarn.


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