Fancy yarn

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Definition: Yarns with special appearance, feel, structure and texture obtained by various processing methods.

Features: yarn profile uneven thickness, color differences, the surface circle, knot, section, wave, braids and other appearance characteristics.

Category: fancy line: circle line, bamboo line, big belly line, spiral line

Color line: color point line, mixed point line, rainbow line, printing lines

Special fancy line: chenille line, pull wool, gold and silver thread, core yarn

Structure: fancy line consists of three parts: core, decorative line, fixed line

Core line: the central position, constitute a strong part of the line.

Decorative thread: the formation of fancy effect.

Fixed line: fixed pattern.

Performance: determined by the thickness, form, twist and fiber properties of the yarn.


1) circle yarn: decorative line around the core line to form a loop. There are wave lines, small circle circle, large circle line, cashmere line, braid line. Mainly used for yarn-dyed line it, tweed, coat and so on.

2) bamboo yarn: yarn thickness uneven distribution. Fabric pattern prominent, three-dimensional sense of strong.

3) knot yarn: decorative line in the core line to form a knot. Knot has a variety of length, color.

4) big belly : two twisted yarn clip a small intermittent yarn.

5) color point yarn: yarn has a monochrome or multi-color point. The

6) Cored wire: composed of core and outsourcing yarn. Core for the strong and flexible are good synthetic filament, outsourcing cotton, wool and other short fiber yarn.

7) chenille : the fiber is held in the coins of the core line, like a bottle brush.


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