Examples of application of feather yarn type hooked yarn

- Sep 08, 2017 -

Feather yarn is a kind of fancy yarn which has been developing rapidly recently. Its structure consists of core-spun yarn and decorative yarn, and its feathers are arranged in a certain direction. Of fabric in addition to the gentleman. 'the cloth appears plump, have adornment effect extremely, and the characteristic of feather yarn is superior to other fluff yarn is not easy to shed their clothes with good performance, warmth retention property is strong. It is widely used in clothes, hats, scarves and gloves, and the products have good market prospects.    
Fancy crochet yarn has a very wide range of application scope, clothing, bedspread, curtain and sofa cloth and so on all can use fancy crochet yarn fabric can be in a small number of USES it to add xu can be used as the main raw material of the fabric. 


colored yarn

Fancy crochet yarn choice, should be determined according to the product use and appearance style of underwear products used for or in large doses to act the role of yarn when it is advisable to short and simple, for decorative fabric or small act the role of yarn can be used when using, structure can be complex.  
Underwear materials should choose to natural fibers, viscose fiber and new type of green fiber such as tencel (Teneel) fancy yarn, in order to meet the request and comfortable performance, large coat a range of materials and adornment, besides all sorts of conventional fiber, also can choose the gold and silver silk as decorative yarn fancy yarn, etc.; Taking the fabric yarn you density is slightly larger, make full thick fabric, decorative fabric yarn you density can be smaller in order to obtain excellent fleeciness feeling fancy crochet yarn is relatively rare in the knitted fabric, it is mainly used for all kinds of knitted sweater yarn can be used alone, also can be used interchangeably with other yarn, and make the fabric sheet and a king see hairs, like a feather yarn, spread in the clothing surface layer like a feather in the above, fashionable and beautiful, wear comfortable soft can yet be regarded as young people love in the spring and autumn fashion. 

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