Edulcoration requirements and debonding of the scarf yarn

- Sep 23, 2017 -

In the making process of the yarn is mainly a science of producing the textile fiber into the yarn. The yarn is generally produced by many chopped fibers with unequal length in manner of splicing. It also can be twisted together by long continuous monofilaments.
In the process of scarf yarn, the first step is to remove impurity defects. It is in order to do the initial processing of the raw materials, which is also known as spinning material preparation. In the process, the methods and industry are changed by the kinds of raw materials and the kinds and property of the impurities.
The initial processing methods of the scarf yarn raw materials are mainly physical methods, chemical methods and physicochemical method. In the production, It can make chaotic fiber with horizontal close relation the smooth yarn, which is in a vertical order and meets a certain requirement.
The scarf yarn needs to turn the lumpy fiber into a single fiber state, which will, to a certain extent, lift the horizontal linkages present in the fiber material and establish a solid longitudinal link. The former is called fiber release, and the latter is called a collection of fibers.

newest wool chunk yarn(1).jpg

man wool and acrylic scarf yarn

The release of the scarf yarn completely release the horizontal connection between the fiber and the fiber. But it is necessary to minimize the damage of the fiber. The set of fibers is to re-establish the permissive longitudinal contact of the loosened fibers, which is continuous and should cause the fiber distribution within the assembly to be uniform. And at the same time it should have a certain line density and strength.

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