Description of fancy yarn and plain yarn

- Apr 28, 2017 -

Description of fancy yarn and plain yarn

Plain yarn contains staple fibre yarn and filament yarn.

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Fancy yarns are composed of several types of yarn (usually cored, gauze and solid), which have different structures, properties and appearance. Fancy yarn is used in the process of yarn and special materials, special equipment or special process of fiber or yarn processing with special structure and appearance effect of yarn, yarn products have adornment effect is a kind of yarn. It is also called special yarns because of the non-conventional nature of the production equipment and the characteristics of the yarn itself. Almost all natural fiber and common chemical fiber can be as raw materials for the production of yarn, fancy yarn can use silk, pressing silk, spun silk, rayon, cotton yarn, yarn and synthetic fiber yarn, metallic yarn, blended yarn, cotton and other raw materials. Various fibers can be used independently, or they can be mixed with each other, and they can be used for long and short supply, and they should be fully used for their inherent characteristics.

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