Correct judgments of the authenticity of Jumbo wool Yarn

- Jan 17, 2018 -

After the weather turns cold, people will start to buy some Jumbo wool Yarn to knit sweaters, scarves, gloves, but many of my friends do not know what to do in order to pick a good quality wool, here to teach you some relevance Practical tips.

Raw wool is made of pure wool textile, and only such a full wool wool can play a better role in the warmth. To pick a good rough wool, we must first have a certain understanding of the wool, wool is a natural hair growth in the body, a natural curl, it is soft, silky, warm and good effect.

However, in fact, we can not intuitively judge whether the jumbo wool yarn to be purchased is genuine wool or not. Therefore, we can first make a preliminary judgment by hand. The coarse wool made from pure wool feels soft, delicate, smooth and elastic , Shiny and beautiful.

After the first step above to judge, you can also use this method to identify, if a coarse wool thread mixed with rabbit hair and other hair, then it will be wiped on the fiber fabric, if it is easy to spread Hair, it shows that this is not pure wool wool.

Also, the coarse woolen yarn, which is mixed with acrylic fibers and cotton fibers, does not adhere to the clothes and trousers, so it can not be judged by this method alone. We have to use another direct way to identify, is to use the fire, wool wool burning after the hair will be issued gross smell smell, and then a twist with your fingers, will become loose particles, there will be no other Impurities remain.

There is another way, that is, the jumbo wool yarn immersed in water. After the wet rough wool will be very dignified, water; wring it will immediately resume flexibility. May wish to use the above method to determine the authenticity of coarse wool.

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