Comparison of baby blanket yarn with other yarn

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Baby blanket yarn, that is used to knit a baby blanket of wool.

 A plain coral velvet blanket, which can be used as a baby blanket? In the wool, whether there are special requirements?

Plain color coral fleece blanket, its main advantage is that the texture is close and detailed, and, as baby skin-like soft, because of its super soft super-slip and delicate. In addition, there is a very good water absorption. If you use in winter, you can also have the warmth of this function. So, it can be used as a baby blanket. As for the yarns, you can use the baby carpet wool, and, there is no special requirements.


2. Baby blanket, if it is a square blanket, then, the weave, what is it? In addition, the carpet wool and baby carpet wool, is the same?

Baby blankets, if the shape is square, then the weaving method used is plain needles, that is, weave the baby blanket through plain needles. The carpet wool and baby blanket wool, the two are not the same, because the carpet is generally woven more, so its requirements on the wool, and baby blankets on the wool requirements are not the same.


3 baby blanket yarn is a little loose, or firm a little better? Can I use cotton?

Baby wool in the wool, is a little loose, or tight a little better, mainly to see the actual situation, because it is up to it. In addition, depends on the use of this one. So, if you do not know these two, then you can not give a specific answer.


Baby blanket yarn, it is possible to use cotton, in general, should be selected cotton thread, is very good, because this kind of wool has good toughness and softness, suitable for baby skin, so will Have this conclusion. Moreover, I hope everyone will have a correct understanding at this point.

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