Coat yarns, fine wool yarns and plush yarns are suitable for spinning

- Jul 06, 2017 -

In the textile fiber, the position occupied by cotton is very important, it can be made as raw materials can be made of types of textile fibers, such as cashmere yarn, and its similar Kazakhstan fine wool yarn, plush yarn, etc., they are The fineness and length of the fibers are differentiated.
The yarn of the woolen yarn is short, the color is dim and the length is between 18-22 mm and can only be used for spinning low-count cotton yarn or with medium yarn. As the length and fineness of cotton fiber and fiber yarn quality is closely related to the rough yarn can only be used for spinning low-cotton cotton yarn coarse cloth.
The fine wool yarn color white, fine fiber, its diameter between about 15-19 microns, the length of 23-31 mm, a few up to 33 mm, single fiber strength of 3 to 5 grams, suitable for spinning 10 ~ 60 yarn; it can be spun into medium, high count cotton yarn.

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 RUG yarn

There are different plush yarns, which are milky white or light brown, with fine and long fibers, with diameters between 12 and 15 microns, length of 33-45 mm, single fiber strength of 4 to 6 grams, Also suitable for spinning 4-12, high count cotton yarn.
The reason why these varieties, because the entire growth process of cotton fiber can be divided into two stages, namely, elongation and thickening period. The elongation period is the period of the growth length of the cotton fiber, and the elongation is formed into a tubular fiber having a certain length and a certain thickness, and it can be made into different types of velvet yarns for further processing.
It is because of the robe yarn, fine wool yarn, plush yarn of these different types of fiber, can be made into different fabrics will be spun into a different texture to meet the different requirements.
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