Classic wool roving yarn in the impurity removal and release processing principle

- Mar 07, 2018 -

Classic wool roving yarn, the more common will include acrylic fiber, polyester fiber, Persian fiber and so on. The classic woolen yarn in the wool yarn, this time is used to knit winter clothing is the most commonly used one, woven clothing is not too thick nor too thin; high coarse wool knit clothing is the best wool on clothing .


Classic woolen yarn in the spinning process, the first is the need to clear the defects, and for now, should be the initial processing of raw materials, also known as spinning raw material preparation. The types of raw materials are not the same, the type and nature of impurities is bound to be very different, the processing methods and processes are not the same. The primary processing method of raw materials is mainly including physical methods (such as cotton ginning), chemical methods (such as hemp degumming, silk scouring), then there will be a combination of physical and chemical methods.


Classic woolen yarn in the process of loosening processing, this time will make the fiber loosening processing re-establish an orderly vertical connection, this connection is continuous, and should make the aggregate fiber distribution Appear even more uniform, at the same time it will have a certain linear density and intensity. The process of this collection is not completed in one go, to go through the carding, drafting and twisting and other processing can be completed in order to look forward to ensure the quality of wool.

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