Chunky yarn blanket weaving and maintenance methods

- Apr 18, 2018 -

When I think of thick line blankets, I believe everyone will feel a sense of warmth from the bottom of my heart. Imagine being able to wake up from a dream on a sunny warm morning in a warm and comfortable blanket. I believe we will feel that life is beautiful!


Obviously, during leisure time, we can feel the unique soft touch of the wool through the thick line blanket. At the same time, the temperature and sense of solidity brought by hand-woven blankets will allow us to find balance from the chaotic world. Don't know what everyone does on the weekend? Is it like a weaver girl to chase drama at home and look at the handsome male god? Out of the sun to go to the sun on the balcony, suddenly felt that the day is not good to work, but after all, in the early spring weather, morning and evening temperatures are always a bit low, if there is a blanket better.


If there is a pleasing thick-line blanket, whether it's sitting on the sofa or watching the sun, it is very good and quite suitable. Weaving this kind of blanket is very simple. First of all, we need to prepare large needles and thick wool. Generally, such blankets can be wool carpets that are spliced together. They are fresh and unique, weave nothing at home, and add to our homes. A new look, it looks a little different!


It should be noted that if you can take care of your daily routine, you can use thicker blankets for longer periods of time! First of all, we need to pay attention to avoid moisture in order to avoid mildew, avoid exposure to boring heat, to prevent deterioration of the gloss, feel rough, cast insect repellent to prevent insects.


In addition, we must do a good job on the cleanliness of thick-line blankets. Usually use good quality special detergent and neutral low-alkali detergent, water temperature should be about 35 °C. In addition, the thick line blanket should be frequently used in the use of drying, and gently pat, keep clean and dry, to prevent mildew mold.

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