Chunky knit blanket yarn knowledge introduction

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Chunky knit blanket yarns usually use two single yarns, with no more than six special yarns, or single-finished products. They are used for knitwear processing. They are knitted, and are more commonly found in machine knitting. The knitted thick knitted wool knitted by the wool products has such characteristics: light, clean, soft and slippery.


For now, the process of knitting thick wool yarns can be summarized as: tops→mixed bars→needle combs→rovings→spinning→spun yarns→spinning→testing→finished product packaging.


The requirements for packaging, storage, and transportation of knitted thick-wool yarns are: The packaging used should be able to ensure that the quality of the yarn is not impaired, the outer package is intact and solid, moisture-proof, fire-proof, clear-headed, batch-specific, and can meet long-haul sea and land Transportation and storage requirements.


In the process of producing knitted thick wool yarns, one of the processes is called loosening. This process is mainly to process the fibers that were originally untidy and untidy, and closely connected in the transverse direction, and arranged in longitudinal order. Moreover, there are certain requirements for smooth yarns. The bulk fiber turns into a single fiber state, releasing the lateral connection of the fiber raw material and establishing a firm vertical connection between the end and the tail. The former can be called the release of fibers and the latter is the collection of fibers.


For Chunky knit blanket yarn, the main role of the fiber's release is to completely remove the lateral connection between the fibers and fibers, but it is necessary to minimize fiber damage. The collection of fibers is to re-establish the orderly longitudinal connection of the loosely processed fibers. This connection is continuous and should keep the distribution of fibers in the knitted thick-wool yarn collection uniform.

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