China's textile industry faces a lot of challenges 2017 good development momentum

- Apr 11, 2017 -

China Economic network Beijing February 26 the Ministry of Industry and Information data show, 2016 1-December, the textile industry increased value of 4.9%, the overall stable production operation; The textile industry investment growth 10.7%; the textile production and sales rate reached 98.4%, the garment manufacturing industry was 97.7%, but the delivery value of textiles export decreased 0.9%.

Reaction at the market level, recent media reports that rising labor, raw materials and energy costs, let China's past world factory price advantage no longer apparent, more and more international textile buyers gradually turned to European suppliers.

It is reported that a European garment manufacturer in the selection of woolen suppliers, as in the past, did not choose the Chinese manufacturers, but chose Italian manufacturers, which is a lot of industry experts as a sign of the times.

Industry insiders believe that when China's wages are no longer so low, the raw materials to transport to China, and then the product shipped back to Europe's attraction is no longer the past. At the same time, consumers hope that the Western garment brands to provide a richer product series, the demand for customization is also increasing, the closer the supplier is better off.

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