Characteristics of mohair knitting yarn and its weaving method

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Mohair is a precious natural fiber fabric that is second only to cashmere. Therefore, the mohair knitted wool yarn made of this material is naturally very precious. The price of a real mohair sweater or scarf hand-woven is very expensive.

Mohair Knitting yarnl is made of South Africa mohair as raw material, and then specially made by a professional spinning factory. It is a unique style of hair pulling and twisting, and it does not lint or pill. Because mohair fibers have a bamboo-like shape and a smooth surface, they can produce silky luster and give the fabric a glittering character.

Mohair fibers are rarely bent, and they are more sensitive to some chemicals than normal wool. They have a strong affinity with dyes. The dyed color is translucent, and the color is soft or rich, which is unmatched by other textile fibers.

And its fiber is soft, high strength, good durability, not felting, easy to clean after contamination, making the fabric made of mohair knitted wool to take care of is also very easy

There are many different methods for the preparation of mohair knitting yarns. Different methods can also bring different styles to mohair. For example, the sparse weave makes the mohair wool sweaters appear translucent texture, sweet and sexy; Layer fluff, fairy and gentle.

The use of tight, dense weaving of mohair knit yarn can, for example, make mohair more of a lazy girlish feel. The soft texture of the fleece seems to be the best single product by age. In the cold winter, putting on a sweater knitted with mohair knit wool will be very warm.

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