Cashmere yarn is a kind of cotton yarn

- Jul 18, 2017 -

Because of the different materials and techniques, the yarn types are different. Coarse wool yarn is one kind of cotton yarn. The yarn is for hand knitting or knitting strands of combed line, pure wool, wool or wool fiber and other materials, in addition to coarse and fine cashmere yarn, cashmere, cashmere knitting a fancy, etc..
It is reported that the single strands of coarse yarn in the following 8.5 branches, with 56 or more than two wool spinning for Gao Cu, 56 or less than two wool spinning into the medium, mostly 4 shares, there are 8 shares, 6 shares. In addition there are carded wool, cashmere, rabbit hair used as raw materials, the spun yarn for knitting wool sweater with.
In addition to the various classification of cotton yarn, twine can be divided into different types, such as ramie thread, linen and jute yarn etc.. The full line of ramie ramie fiber by oboro glue after combing spun yarn, the multi strand Taiwan made some surface sizing and waxing, make it smooth and waterproof, suitable for sewing shoes, leather products, sail and various rain cover etc..
The linen line is mostly made of semi jute and spun jute yarn. It is usually made up of 3 pieces of 3 pieces of stock. It is used as the suture and packing line for the bags, seams, seams, lines, sofas and so on. Visible, raw materials are different, different weaving methods, products are also used for different purposes.
According to the use of sewing and embroidery threads are divided, the former is used for stitching fabric, leather and sail strands, civil sewing thread around more paper core, paperboard or wound into a wire ball form, 45 meters to 900 meters in length of various specifications; industrial sewing thread winding capacity is 1000-1100 M.
The latter is made of various kinds of raw materials, twisted and twisted, used for embroidery. Although the color is bright, but it is not washable, it is easy to fade, so we should pay more attention to the protection.
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