Brief introduction and classification of hair

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Hair fibers are woolen wool, mainly wool (Wool), Angola wool (Angora), camel hair (camel hair), rabbit hair (Rabbit hair). Now, wool fiber in the textile industry is widely used.

Several wool varieties introduced

Rabbit Hair

Rabbit rabbit hair and hare hair. Textured rabbit hair is made from Angola rabbits and rabbits, of which the quality of Angola rabbit hair is the best, very soft.

China is a big producer of rabbit hair, production accounted for 90% of the world.

Angola Wool (Angora), also known as mohair (mohair)

Goat wool varieties. Originating in the Turkish capital of Ankara (formerly known as Angola), mainly in the dry climate, soil barren, grass sparse Anatolian plateau. historical. High yield of wool. Mao long and shiny, flexible, and strong, the international market called mohair. "Ma Hai" for the Arabic mohair transliteration, the Department is very beautiful meaning. Turkish "tiftic" (tiftic), meaning soft as silk.

Camel hair color apricot, soft fluffy, warm warm, is the production of high-grade wool textile one of the important raw materials. Ceratoides products with light, soft, warm features, because of its soft, light, rare and fiber experts called "natural protein fiber" and "soft gold." Alpaca fiber does not contain needle hair, fineness fine, warmth than the same weight of Merino wool even higher by 30%, wear resistance is 5 times the Merino wool.


In New Zealand to Merino sheep breeds and British long hair hybridization of semi-fine wool. Quality count of 36 to 58 support. Glossy, strong elasticity, high strength. Is the quality of wool and industrial use of wool.

Iceland wool

Icelandic sheep formed a unique ability to fight cold and disease. Icelandic sheep and other sheep is the obvious difference between the Icelandic sheep all year round with thick wool, the outside is a layer of thick up to ten centimeters of ordinary hair, which is soft velvet fluff. As the Icelandic hair production is not large, and the variety of fine, so the price is high, in order to reduce the price, there have been many alternative products, can be divided into the following categories.

1. All wool Iceland hair, mostly domestic wool-based; also imported high-grade hair

2. Icelandic wool, acrylic to raw materials for the production of Iceland wool line

3. Polyester Icelandic hair, relative to the fine price of acrylic Iceland, some domestic manufacturers with polyester raw materials instead of the production of Iceland wool line

4. blended Icelandic hair, in recent years more popular

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