Blanket yarn knitting method and operation process

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Hand-knitted blanket is a must-have item in the home. In the process of using it, it is a very fashionable style. Come together to learn to hand-knit wool carpet graphic tutorial. The following is a detailed tutorial for everyone to make, very detailed.

During the production process, the blanket yarns need to be made of four wooden planks to form a braiding rack, and then nailing twenty-two nails on each of them, so that they can be effectively sized according to their own requirements to a certain extent. Layer line, use your favorite yarn to pull back and forth, according to the number of yarn size.

The second layer of blanket yarn has the same color as the first layer. The third layer is the same as the first layer. The line can use other lines because the line is not visible at the bottom.

The carpet wool is knitted with a sweater pin or other iron wire or stick, and the wire is wound on it. The binding is started from the opposite corner. The thread is tied in from the previous hole and then it is tied out from the next hole. Everything else is OK. That's it.

Blanket yarn was tied for the first time, and the second time it began. The method was the same as above. After tying it and cutting it off, it's done.

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