Baby blanket yarns knowledge profile

- Jan 13, 2018 -

In fact, attentive friends will find that there will be some numbers on the baby blanket yarns mark, with the first figure indicating the source of the raw material. Such as "1" on behalf of this wool material for the domestic wool, "2" represents the import of wool material, and "3" refers to the import of wool and viscose blend, "4" means belong to the new product , The number "5" means that the domestic wool and viscose blended raw materials.

Next, the number "6" represents the raw material for this yarn, which is a blend of imported wool and acrylic, while the number "7" represents a blend of domestic wool and acrylic and a figure of "8" for pure acrylic. In the back there are two numbers, these two figures represent the count of baby blanket yarns. Under normal circumstances, the larger the yarn count, it means that the yarn is thinner, such as 24 lines than 13 lines to fine.

 thick blanket yarn.jpg

In the purchase of baby blankets yarns, first of all, we should carefully distinguish whether the color of its bright enough, pure, uniform. In general, the luster of high-quality wool should be soft and eye-catching, red red, green, green, there is no cross-color issues. And wool yarn and twist single strand twist are more uniform, the same thickness specifications, the surface of the furry uniform, few reverse hair, does not contain hair or coarse hair.

Of course, we can also judge from the feel. High-quality baby blanket yarns in the touch when it will feel a velvet, hair flu. When we grasp the baby blanket wool by hand, will also feel its soft with a certain rigidity, fullness and thick. After it is released, it will soon regain its original fluffy shape

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