All wool yarn, discover the beauty of nature

- Nov 09, 2017 -

 from the market situation, the price of pure wool is very concerned.

This is because all the wool and different materials, wool is the main component of protein. In fact, people in the Neolithic age have begun this kind of pure natural wool fiber material with good with the development of the times.

Later, wool has been welcomed by consumers. The wool itself has a lot of advantages, so its application range is more and more widely, even once in the textile raw materials accounted for a large proportion. It is because of the use of raw materials itself superior performance, so the wool yarn in the actual application obviously show great advantages.


The wool yarn

To analyze from the hand, the wool yarn is softer and has good elasticity, make people feel more energetic. So during wearing clothes ,we can have a warm good feel, and can make people feel very comfortable. At the same time in the late finishing process, can also be dyed a different color, convenient for consumers to choose.

In addition to these characteristics described above, in fact the wool has good elasticity, and is not easy wrinkle. This material will give people a good feeling, but also a soft luster, and felting, but also has good moisture absorption. However, its plasticity will change greatly in the wet, and flexibility will be reduced, so the washing time, the best the dry, not wet wash.

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