Advantages and characteristics of the pure wool yarn

- Dec 15, 2017 -

The pure wool yarn mainly uses 100 % wool in the production process, and ordinary wool only contains chemical fiber composition.The pure wool yarn has good heat preservation, is soft, elastic, and does not fade. And ordinary wool does not have the above characteristics completely.
The pure wool yarn and ordinary wool can be distinguished by fire. Real wool has goat odor after burning, and will burn into ashes, there will be no hard knot. Ordinary wool such as acrylic, after being burned, there is scorched flavor, and will be into hard blocks instead of into ashes. Experienced people can sniff out the hairy ratio. Another way is to touch. Acrylic clothes are smooth, greasy, and wool is very soft.

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Wool is an important raw material in the textile industry. It has the advantages of good elasticity, strong hygroscopicity, good heat preservation and so on. Due to the high price, the production of non-woven fabrics is not much used. Non-woven fabrics made of good wool are limited to some advanced industrial fabrics such as needling manufacture, advanced needled mat and so on.
The pure wool yarn will generally use the undercoat and coarse wool by needling, loop bonding and other methods to produce the layered cloth, needle punched carpet sandwich class, heat insulation thermal material and so on. This kind of wool has different length, high impurity, poor spinnability and difficult processing. The product can be chemically treated to improve quality. Wool textiles are known for their elegant and comfortable natural style.

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