Acrylic Scarf yarn Features and Maintenance

- Mar 10, 2018 -

The main features of Acrylic Scarf yarn: good fluffiness, softness, and good warmth. Bright color, long-term storage is not bad, do not wash after the hot and so on. Therefore, it can be mainly used as a scarf material, and also can be made into autumn and winter clothing, such as acrylic knits, spun coats, and blankets.


Under normal circumstances, acrylic scarf yarn can be burned after ignition, but the burning speed is slower, burning and melting, accompanied by pungent sourness, burning ash after the black ball, can be crushed.


It should be noted that in order to maintain the original state of the scarf, we should pay attention to some issues when cleaning. Acrylic scarf yarn should pay attention to several issues when drying after washing: it is best not to use a rack to dry, so as not to stretch the scarf longer. The correct way is to place the scarf in the net bag until the water is completely drained until it dries, then iron it.


In addition, during ironing, a wet cloth should be used to cover the acrylic scarf yarn. Do not use pressure or press the wet cloth very dry to avoid fluffing the upper hair and losing the original bulkiness and elasticity of the acrylic scarf yarn.

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