About Cleaning and Protection of hand flat knitting machine Parts

- Apr 10, 2018 -

In order to fully guarantee the quality of the products knitted by the flat knitting machine, the machine must be thoroughly cleaned after each use, so that the flat knitting machine can always maintain a good and stable working condition. So, how can I clean my hands?


For the hand flat knitting machine, especially after its long-term use, the needle groove will have a buildup in the channel, which directly affects the quality of the knitwear, so it must be cleaned regularly. Before cleaning, all the knitting needles on the flat knitting machine need to be pushed into the knitting area to prevent the needle tongue from being damaged when the upper iron is pulled.


At the same time, it is necessary to withdraw the upper and lower plug irons and the needle bed press irons of the flat knitting machine, but they must be placed on the workbench in the original order. Do not make mistakes and facilitate installation. If it is found that there is rust in the needle bed, you can use No. 0 emery cloth sanding, do not scratch on the needle bed grating tooth mouth, so as not to damage the tooth mouth straightness.


For the tip of the iron on the flat knitting machine, do not rub the emery cloth so as not to damage the front of the mouth and affect the operation of the needle. The needle groove must be wiped clean, otherwise it will cause the fabric to dilute the road needle or close the road. Eliminating fouling in the needle groove of the horizontal cutting machine can use the back surface of the broken steel saw blade to remove it. If the scratching is not clear at one time, it can be double-checked once to achieve cleanliness.


Immediately afterwards, use a brush to remove grease stains from the flat knitting machine. Don't turn the needle bed upside down for convenience so as not to damage the needle bed. During the entire cleaning process, attention must be paid to the protection of the opponent's flat knitting machine parts, and the needle bed grid-shaped gear openings must not be damaged.



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